Natuzzi Editions returns to Imm Cologne, taking place from 15th to 21st January, with an innovative new collection and the introduction of cutting-edge technologies. The appointment is at the Hall 6.1, stand B080, C081 with the Natuzzi Editions’ new idea of comfort.


The 2018 Collection was created to meet the changing needs of consumers, who are witnessing momentous social, economic and cultural changes, which are inevitably also rapidly changing their way of experiencing the home and living area. The old concept of a living room is gradually being replaced by a new idea of a space that becomes a place of refuge, serenity and sharing, where technology is focused on comfort and design.


This new idea of comfort has led to CubicomfortTM Triple-Motion Technology, which was created by Natuzzi Editions and has enabled the insertion of innovative motion technology in the heart of the sofa’s structure. This innovative technology involves the use of three electric motors that enable you to activate several independent recliner mechanisms: the first motor simultaneously reclines the backrest and seat, with a tilting, incredibly enveloping effect; the second raises and lowers the footrest, both when you are seated and when you are lying down; the third raises and lowers the headrest to comfortably support the head, even when you are lying down.


Three new models testify to Natuzzi Editions’ comfort revolution, combining innovative CubicomfortTM Triple-Motion Technology with a particularly sophisticated design and a new modular concept that allows you to easily adapt the sofas to the living area. The newTrionfo sofa has elegant metal feet and special seams along the armrests and sides. Its assertive design was developed to make it suitable for medium to large rooms. Astuzia is distinguished by its casual, compact design, which is also thanks to the slim armrests that contain a USB port for easily charging devices such as smartphones and tablets. The Brama sofa offers pure visual comfort thanks to its especially generous, cozy design, which is enhanced by the front part of the seat cushion that partially envelops the armrests.


The new additions in the 2018 collection are joined by the hero models of the Natuzzi Editions collection, which include Spasso, Stupore, Estasi and Talento. Spasso is a sofa that represents the extreme synthesis of the modularity concept expressed by the brand, allowing you to freely combine different seating elements that can then be mixed with different colors and coatings. Stupore features astonishing seating comfort thanks to its adjustable headrest, lumbar support and to the Zerowall space-saving system (which activates the recliner function without the need to move the sofa from the wall behind). The Estasi model features a seductive, curved design, diamond-cut feet and an attractive, vintage-inspired design. Talento enhances comfort and aesthetics: it can be combined with coffee tables and shelves in the same series.


The new2018 Natuzzi Editions collection is also distinguished by its versatility, a characteristic shared by all the models on display, whose type of covering, colour and desired configuration can all be customized thanks to an extremely wide range of leathers and fabrics. 


Cologne is also an opportunity to present new tools dedicated to retail entrepreneurs, including the new retail gallery concept, an innovative in-store communicationand the 3D configurator. The new retail concept is one of the cornerstones of the Partnership Program Editions and focuses on the modularity of the exhibition, which allows you to adapt the format to the real needs of space and business. Full Gallery is a format that enhances the value of the collection, maximizing return per square metre. Sizes, colors, spaces and materials welcome the customer with an atmosphere that is highly comfortable, both physically and visually, in the areas dedicated to the 4 lifestyles: Urban, Contemporary, Comfort and Classic Vintage. Light Gallery differs from the Full version due to the type of communication supports used for the set-up. As will the Full version, architectural elements and displays create the perfect stage for the Natuzzi Editions collection, communicating the values of the brand and the unique characteristics of the products to the customer. Finally, Point is a revolutionary, flexible format that creates an exhibition space that guarantees a high-level shopping experience, even in an extremely small space. 


To support the Natuzzi Editions sales consultants an important in-store communication format was created, offering a complete narrative for each value and model in the collection, 5 videos dedicated to the collection’s Hero products, more than 200 photos, offline and online communication materials. Videos, GIFs, social media posts, banners in additions to the new website and to the exclusive3D High Definition Product Configurator created for allowing every sales specialist to design every single feature of a sofa/armchair – its configuration, cover, function, color, foot finishes, piping and seams – and to view it in real time and in 3D format as a high-resolution graphic. This tool was designed to improve the selling ceremony by interactively involving the customer, who can see their desired product configured and receive an HD photo of the result of the configuration on their own device.



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What kind of personal data will we use?

Personal and contact information

We may use the personal and contact information provided to us when you enter into a purchase contract for Natuzzi products, request a quote or information about our products, register with the Natuzzi Community or sign up for our newsletters (hereinafter known collectively as “Data”).


In order to be able to request information and/or complete the process of registering with the Natuzzi Community, all the data indicated with an asterisk in the respective forms must be provided.


Additional data

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More specifically, we may gather the following types of data:


Why will we use your data and what legal basis we will adhere to?

If you grant your consent, we will use your data for each of the following purposes, including through the use of electronic means:

a)       in order to send you – using the contact information provided by you – newsletters, information on products and services provided by our company, offers and promotions, and to conduct market research. For example, we might send you emails or instant messages (e.g. via SMS and WhatsApp), send you promotional material to your postal address or contact you on the phone via an operator.

b)       in order to examine your preferences, the ways in which you interact with us and your purchasing behaviour. More specifically, in order to better understand your tastes and interests as regards our products and correspondence, we may examine – including using automated systems – the information you provide to us in order forms and quote requests, purchases made by you at Natuzzi stores in the last ten years, your interest in the correspondence and newsletters we send you, your visits to our websites, the way you use our apps and your interest in our social media channels (e.g. Facebook). For more information on the Data we may obtain as a result of you browsing our internet websites and/or using our apps, please consult the relevant privacy documents. Finally, we may supplement your profile with information of a statistical natural that we lawfully obtain from other sources: this could be in relation to where you live (e.g. demographic information, geo-referencing data etc.) or the electronic devices you use to interact with us.

In any case, this kind of profiling activity shall not have any legal consequences on you, nor will it have a significant effect on you personally.


Moreover, in the event that you have filled in a form for the request for information, we will use your Data:

c)       to provide you with the information requested;


And, in the event you have filled in the Natuzzi Community registration form, we will use your Data for the following purpose, including through the use of electronic means:


d)       to manage your participation in the Natuzzi Community. Your Data will be used to provide you with discounts and other advantages which may be made available to you. More generally, it will be used to satisfy all related contractual and administrative requirements.


Registration with the Natuzzi Community is optional and neither registration nor the information request is in any way dependent on you granting your consent for the data processing purposes set out at (a) and (b).


Who is the data controller?

The data controller is Natuzzi S.p.A., whose contact details are shown below.


How long will we store your Data for?

We will only store your Data for the period of time necessary to pursue the various data processing purposes.


As regards the Natuzzi Community, your Data will not be stored for processing for longer than the time necessary to manage your participation in the Natuzzi Community. In the event that you decide to leave the Natuzzi Community, your Data will be deleted within 30 days.


For the purposes set out at (a) and (b), your personal and contact information will be stored for processing until such time as you revoke your consent, while information relating to your purchases will be stored for processing for no longer than 10 years from the date of collection. Information relating to your interactions with us will be stored for no longer than 12 months from the date of collection.


Who will we communicate your Data to?

For administrative purposes, we may communicate your Data to our service suppliers (e.g. IT services). If you are registered with the Natuzzi Community, we may communicate your Data to companies – including foreign companies – who manage the stores participating in the Natuzzi Community initiative, as well as to third parties where we are legally obliged to do so.


A full list of such companies will be made available if you send a written request to the contact details shown below.


How will the transfer of your Data to non-EU countries be regulated?

Your data may be transferred outside of the European Union, including to countries where the level of personal data protection may be lower than that guaranteed by European regulations.

In any case, your Data will be adequately protected during such data transfers, particularly as regards the standard contractual clauses introduced by European Commission Decision 2010/87/CE


What rights do you have?

You have the right to request access to the Data, to request the amendment or cancelation of the Data, to request that data procession by limited, to object to our using your Data and to request that a copy of your Data be sent to you.


Rights of the interested party

Right of access

You have the right to obtain confirmation as to whether your personal data is being processed or not. If it is, you have the right to access your personal data and receive the information contained in this Privacy Policy.


Right of amendment

You have the right to obtain – without undue delay – the amendment of any incorrect personal data regarding you.


Right of cancellation

The have the right to obtain – without undue delay – the cancellation of personal data regarding you for any of the following reasons:

a) the personal data is no longer necessary as per the purposes for which they were collected or processed;

b) you have revoked your consent to data processing and there are no other legal grounds for data processing;

c) you have opposed data procession and there is no other legitimate motive to proceed to data processing;

d) your personal data has been processed unlawfully;

e) your personal data must be deleted to complete with a legal obligation.


Right to limit data processing

You have the right to obtain the limitation of data processing in the following scenarios:

a) if you inform us that your personal data is incorrect, we will limit data processing for the period needed for the data controller to check your personal data;

b) if data processing is illegal and you oppose the deletion of your personal data and instead request that its use is limited;

c) even though the data controller no longer needs your personal data for data processing purposes, your personal data may still be needed to check, exercise or defend a right in a legal setting;

d) if you have opposed data processing and are awaiting verification that we have legitimate reasons for this.


Right of opposition

You have the right to oppose – at any time – the processing of your personal data for direct marketing purposes, including any profiling activities linked to marketing.


Right to data portability

You have the right to obtain a copy of the personal data we have regarding you in a well-structured, intuitive format that can be viewed on an automatic device. You also have the right to pass this data to another data controller without the consent of the data controller that supplied you with it, in the event that:

a) data processing is based on consent or a contract; and

b) data processing is carried out using automated means.

You have the right to obtain the direct transfer of your personal data to another data controller, provided this is technically possible and only by request.


How can you change your preferences or revoke consent?

You can – at any time – check, modify or revoke your consent for the data processing purposes as set out in (a) and (b). You may also declare that you no longer wish to receive commercial information via email and/or instant messaging services. You can decide to leave the Natuzzi Community at any time. In order to do so, simply contact Natuzzi S.p.A. or the Data Protection Manager at the address


How do you contact the data controller and Data Protection Officer to exercise your rights?

You can exercise your rights by writing to the data controller and/or Data Protection Officer at the following addresses:


Data controller:

Natuzzi S.p.A.
Via Iazzitiello, 47
70029 Santeramo in Colle (BA)


Natuzzi S.p.A. Data Protection Officer:
Protection Trade Srl
Via Giorgio Morandi, 22
04020 Itri (LT)


How do you contact the relevant authorities to make a complaint?

Any complaints can be sent to the relevant authorities at the following address:


Garante per la Protezione dei Dati Personali [Personal Data Protection Authority]

Piazza di Monte Citorio n. 121
00186 Rome
Fax: (+39) 06.69677.3785
Tel: (+39) 06.696771
Certified email address:


How will we keep you informed of any changes to this Privacy Policy?

This Privacy Policy is subject to change in the event that any changes are made to the way we process your Data or any other information contained herein. Your rights will not be affected by any changes. In the event that changes are made that may limit the protection of your personal data or infringe upon your rights as set out in the current version, we will use the contact details provided by you to inform you of this before your Data is processed according to the new policy. Your right to leave the Natuzzi Community and modify your consent and preferences will be guaranteed.

In any case, we invite you to consult the up-to-date Privacy Policy on the website from time to time.


Last updated: 14/05/2018

I consent to Natuzzi S.p.A. contacting me through the following channels:

- email

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- postal address

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for sending newsletters, to inform me about the products and services provided by the company, offers and promotions, as well as to conduct market surveys, using the methods described in point (a) of the Privacy Policy.

I consent to Natuzzi S.p.A. examining my preferences, the methods by which I interact with the company and my purchasing behaviour, by the methods described in letter (b) of the Privacy Policy.